GFA – China / Wechat Community Engagement and Management

GFA - China / Wechat Community Engagement and Management


Are you a cheerful person who can motivate others? Are you a self-motivated and extroverted person? Someone who enjoys checking up with friends and making sure they are happy and fulfilled? Then we need your help to perk up our private member’s community as our new Community Manager.

Community Builder For Our Network Wechat + Forum Assistance

We are looking for an outgoing, friendly, community-centric person. Someone who will get to know our members and ensure they are taken care of.

This will be done by regularly checking Wechat groups (like Facebook groups but in the Wechat app), posting news and updates, answering questions, talking to members and people in the community in private messages, and coordinating with members of webinars and other online events.

We are looking for someone who has prior experience in:

  • WeChat marketing and community management
  • Community management in forums and community platforms
  • Online webinar assistance and coordination
  • Fluency in the Chinese language, Mandarin, is a huge plus as many people in the community are not good at English and prefer typing in Chinese. (But Wechat does have a press to translate button)
  • Discussions with members of a community about topics and concerns they may have.

Community management is a mix of customer service and operations. The right candidate will balance helping onboard new members, servicing current members, and communicating to the group about updates and changes in the policies to the relevant groups.


Our Global From Asia (GFA) VIP community has a new forum (BBS) dedicated system – We are tired of groups in Facebook, Wechat, and other groups. We want to have a dedicated private community.

More than just creating the group, we need to focus on keeping it active. We want a community manager who is SELF-MOTIVATED that will help ensure the members are active, getting the help they need, and utilizing our community more.

We hope this new person knows how to do these tasks better than we currently are. It is one aspect of Shadstone that we hope to strengthen through this important role.


  • Getting to know the members. Review their profiles, check in with them, learn more about them.
  • Posting updates in the forum about what is happening and various OFFERS and OPPORTUNITIES for the members.
  • Coordinating with company management to find more things that the members WANT and NEED.
  • Promoting events. These consist of both online mastermind calls and offline meetups. It also includes gathering feedback and interests on these events. 
  • Making connections and introductions. This consists of being aware of what is happening and connecting the right people.
  • Suggesting offers we should make for the community. What do members want? Let management know and let’s see if we can get something for them.
  • Asking others on the team to share relevant posts on social media. We need to use our team to share more.
  • Writing a members series blog column. This would be amazing. We used to write about members in our public blog and it was effective for recruiting new members.

All these tasks work together to create “buzz” for our private members. There are a lot of opportunities with these great business owners across Asia and around the world that have attended our exclusive events and grown successful companies.

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