Shadstone Core Team Values

This is what the company's foundation is built on. We look for this and reward those on the team who can align with our core values. This is the culture of Shadstone.


Remember: S.L.O.T.

Value 1: SL = Self Learner & Hungry

We’re not spoon fed in the company. We need to use our creativity and search our company handbook, search engines, video libraries, and ask the relevant person to get the answers we need.

Value 2: O = Working Online & Sharing

We trust our team. We allow them to work online, from anywhere, and measure based on results not hours in a desk at an office cubicle. To do this we utilize online work tools and follow and UPDATE SOPs and workflows.

Value 3: T = Teamwork & Collaboration

Communication is key. Our team works as one, sharing updates openly and tackling problems in an open and friendly environment.

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