Working at Shadstone

We are always looking for quality individuals and hardworking team players to join our web and internet marketing agency. Shadstone is a company that is about creativity and working online to balance lifestyle and quality of work. I’m Mike Michelini, the founder of the company and I want to walk you through what working at Shadstone is like.

Our core values are SLOT - Self-Learning, Online Tools and Systems, and Teamwork

Self-Learning - We work online with flexible hours and locations. We need to be able to learn new skills and have the drive and motivation to grow our abilities on our own. We have SOPs and training videos, with many others on the team as helpful resources to help explain things. However, we are looking for self-starters who can get through the noise and find the answers.

Online Tools and Communication - Our team and our company culture is built around working online. We enjoy working from anywhere. In exchange for this flexibility, we share and communicate within the team. We need to use the online tools the company has invested in to ensure that each and every one of our operations go as smoothly as possible.

Teamwork - We are open, friendly, and willing to work with a wide range of people and specialists on the team and in the network. While we may be a top performer within our skillset, if we are not able to work with others on the team, we are not able to maximize the value of our skills. Friendly and open communication between team members, utilizing our online tools, is critical for long-term success when working at Shadstone.

What are some of the projects and tasks we do?

Our team consists of web creation, content creation, and marketing experts. We are building websites on the current web as well as on the web3 protocols. We are also crafting content in text, video, image, and audio forms. We are working with various partners and clients on building out websites and content that generates impactful traffic and customers for these businesses.

What are some of the tools we use?

While the tools may come and go, as of the time of this recording at 2021, here’s an overview of the tools we are using:

Slack - For quick and easy chats between team members. We also use Slack to get to know each other and send quick messages. However, this tool is not used for tasks.

The Shadstone Portal - We have a project management and task system to coordinate and keep track of who is involved in which project and team, the assigned tasks and deadlines, and time tracking for reports. This will be your center of work for each day.

Shadstone Handbook - The Shadstone Handbook contains SOPs (standard operating procedures) as well as video tutorials for the tasks and systems we are using. It has been nicknamed the company “bible”.

Regarding Work - The system for the majority of our HR matters.

Google Drive, Google Cloud - For documents, spreadsheets, and large files (on google cloud), we use Google Drive and Google Cloud to share folders and files with each other.

Google Apps / Email - We have a Shadstone company email for you to use to access your docs.

Lastpass - For password sharing and management. A safe and secure tool.

What is a normal day like?

We want to keep the day flexible and set a target amount of hours or projects (depending on your contract) for you to work on. We expect you to check in at least once daily (2-3 times daily ideal) on the portal and slack so that no important matters are missed.

Select the task that is most urgent (speak to management if any uncertainty on priorities) and then get rocking! Turn on your time in the portal for that task, and get to it. Review SOPs and videos if you are uncertain - and as our company values says - learn online and update the SOP with more details if you are stuck.

Connect to Slack to coordinate and push the project forward. Let the slack channel you are in know which task you are doing and then send the portal task URL there with an update. These updates could go, “I’m done Mike. Can you check it and provide feedback? > link”. This helps our operations roll smoothly.

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