Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer


This Graphic Designer role is a regular position that will handle various assets. These assets include:

  • Amazon product photo touch ups
  • Rendering of products
  • Packaging design in AI, and
  • Many others.

For online graphic assets - We have a lot of webpages for our books, blogs, podcast episodes, event pages, as well as social media banners and graphics.

For print - We host offline events that need to various brochures, agendas, signs, banners, tickets, and other assets that we will have then printed at a local print shop.

For eBooks + print books - we have 3 books now, and more on the way. We need Amazon Kindle covers, as well as full book covers for when it goes to print.

Occasional logos - We are a creative company and have many ventures. We often start a new joint venture and will make a new brand. We would like someone to help to make new logos when needed.

Branding books – We need to go through our various brands and put together organized brand books so that you, our printers, and partners know our brand colors, themes, logos, and other important pieces of information.

Experience Needed

We leave it up to you as to which graphic design software you can use. Let us know your preference and what you are currently using. We have some of our current assets in .ai files so we hope you can open and edit those.

As for our internal team organization, we would like to add you to our company tools such as:

  • Asana
  • Slack
  • Company Email
  • Google docs, google sheets
  • Dropbox

You will be treated as part of the team, and therefore expect you to regularly check these tools and keep in contact with the team.

Example Day Of Working In the Team

For now, this is a part-time role. As we grow, we hope to take on a full-time graphic designer, but do not have enough work currently. With that said, this is how a work day would go.

At the beginning of your work day, you will check Slack and Asana. Slack will show you what is happening in the company including updates, chats, news and direct messages. In Asana, you will see if any new tasks have been assigned to you, as well as any comments and updates on tasks that are already assigned to you.

You’ll do your work and then share it with the team. You’ll collect the feedback and make the revisions in a punctual fashion.

The average work day will consist of maybe 2-3 hours of work, but some days may have a big design project (like a new brochure we need to design and print for an event). Other days may have just a few tweaks and updates.

We also want you to get to know the rest of the team, and not just wait for tasks from the manager. This is a role where we want you to be part of the team, know what the company is doing, and have a true feel for the flow.

Sample Tasks

Here are some of the tasks, which we will do our best to make clear with examples and specifications:

1. Make a new banner

– Theme / brand book – Global From Asia

– 525 x 400 pixels.

– Text headline – Calling For Sponsors

– Text subheadline – We Need Experts!

– Background – Hong Kong night skyline

2. Make an event agent booklet

– Theme / brand book – Cross Border Summit

– Page size – A4

– Number of pages: 6 (plus front and back)

– Page 0: Cover –

Title: Cross Border Summit

Subheadline: April 16, 2016

Background – Asian City Metro Night Sky

– Page 1: Inside cover

– Page 2: check google doc

– Page 3: check google doc

– Page 4: check google doc

– Page 5: check google doc

– Page 6: check google doc

– Back cover

3. Make Event Ticket Stub

Brand Book: Cross Border Summit

Dimension: 6 inches x 2.5 inches


We do our best to make it as clear as possible, but of course you can ask clarifying questions.

How We Measure Your Work

We want everyone on the team to work together towards a goal. Your goal will be on the amount of quality accepted graphics you submit per week. Some graphics will have bigger weight as they belong to bigger projects (an example is a banner maybe 1 point, but a 6 page booklet may be 5 points). Each day you will report on how many assets you have delivered. At the end of each week, we will review the total.

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