Accepting Your Offer to Join the Shadstone Ninja Family!

Dear applicant,

If you received this link from our HR manager with an offer to join the team - then congratulations!

You have a unique opportunity to join a ninja family!

Shadstone wants you to develop your skills and grow - not just for your income to live - but to grow your ability and grow your income!

When considering to take us up on this offer to join - consider not just the base rate, but also:

Our Values

The “key SLOT” - self learning, online work, and teamwork. Do you agree with these values and want to work with a company that lives by these? Read about it and some visual guides at

A Supportive Environment

A supportive environment to learn and grow. We have SOP (standard operating procedures), portal CRM, and other tools and systems to give you the structure to learn and grow.

Our Culture of Healthy Communication and Support as a Group

  • Check out our Shadstone Training - we host regular skill shares,
  • Monthly team building - we come together online each month for learning, announcements, meeting new team, and employee of the quarter awards and raffles and networking. Check screenshots and videos of them here
  • Retreats and more - We are working hard to build long term relationships and trust in our team, and strive to at least one retreat per year when possible.


Ninja Bonus System

We want the base pay to be able to have you happy and satisfied - but the Shadstone Ninja pay system is a way to encourage you and your team to go above and beyond for that extra padding in your wallet.

And so much more! We are building a long term business here, and have invested in the team, the culture, the systems, to provide an environment for you, the team (of ninjas) you work with, and the company to grow.

We hope you take us up on the offer, and that this is an “offer you can’t refuse”.

Mike Michelini