Looking for an Ambitious Solidity Developer!

Looking for an Ambitious Solidity Developer!


Do you have knowledge on different blockchain platforms like Ethereum?

Loves to work with other amazing people?

Then this is the perfect role for you!

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Leading the development of smart contracts and the performance of blockchain integration with existing applications.
  • Develop features and improvements in a secure, well-tested, and performant way.
  • Research and test new technologies to use for the project.
  • Maintain a continuous integration pipeline for the development and testing of applications.

We are looking for the next Solidity Developer to join our team. So we know you read this post, please put SolidDev in the beginning of your job application else will skip your application as you didn’t read this sentence.

Skills Required

  • Professional experience in developing blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, solidity.
  • Passionate about NFTs and Blockchain technology
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Knowledge of continuous integration tools and blockchain management tools.
  • Strong communication skills

About the Company

We are Shadstone, an IT marketing agency in Asia ran by Mike Michelini and an American in Asia for over 10 years. We have about 20 people mainly in Philippines, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Canada. We are totally working online, with flexible hours and using Slack and other Project management tools to keep things running smoothly.

Big Picture Of Your Role

We are hiring for the long term, we are long term planners and hiring strategically to match our company’s culture and goals. We are using a network of small websites to grow our internet marketing reach and also build up more business units. We hope to have you grow in our internet marketing agency and hope to have a long term career. Many have worked with us multiple years now, and some even for 5 or 6 years!

Follow our 3 Core Values (SLOT)

  • Self Learner & Hungry
  • Online work & Shares with others
  • Teamwork & Collaboration

This is a TEAMWORK reliant job, working in a team is MANDATORY – coordinating with others on Slack and Tasks Systems is the way to succeed in working with us. If you are one who works best alone, no problem – but please consider another job post.

Join the Shadstone Team

We’re looking for superstars like you! We're excited as more outstanding people to join our ever growing team.

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