GFA – Support Services Associate

GFA - Support Services Associate

Job Overview

Our Asia business blog and podcast, Global From Asia, has been growing like crazy and we are adding a community element to it – doing local city meetups in Asia and around the world. 

I’m Mike Michelini, an American business owner that has been operating in China for over 10 years now. I’m looking for a long-term team member to work closely with me on our events, our new sponsor requests, our requests for podcast guests. Basically, this position is a “hustler” who will work alongside me (virtually) as our blog continues on, with traffic and leads growing like crazy.

About the Role

Here is a little bit about the role. The position is called Support Services Associate. It is a sales and business development position as well as taking on a VA manager role – but there is so much opportunity to learn so much more. 

I am looking to fill a full-time position that works on keeping the team up-to-date on what is happening, while also acting as the bridge between me and the team. We have a growing number of people on the team, mainly part-time, in the Philippines, Canada, and other parts of Asia. I am directly managing all of them, but looking for a rockstar who can take the lead alongside me.

This person should enjoy talking to people. These include team members, new potential sponsors, city meetup organizers, and event attendees. It will be a dynamic role where there will be incoming emails (for sponsors and event attendees), Slack messages (for team coordination), project management, as well as a lot of Google docs.

Typical Work Day

We have a lot of SOPs ready for you to review – as well as an on-boarding task list of Google docs to learn all the tools and systems we are using. This way, you can work at your own pace and ensure you understand all the tasks and tools. 

Once you finish these preliminary tasks, you will meet the others on the team. We have teams in content creation, social media marketing, administrative, graphic design, and WordPress. Mike has been coordinating with all of them, and the goal is for you to assist Mike with these coordination efforts.

On top of coordinating with these people, you will work with talking to new potential customers and sponsors for our podcast and events. When applying for this job put “lifeisgood” in the subject line of your application at the very beginning so that I know you have read this job post. We will only consider those who put this keyword for the job position. 

We want a positive, happy, and motivated person to fill this role as it faces our customers. Our current team is great at getting the work done, but they are asking to not to talk to customers as they are shy. This is why we need someone who enjoys talking to potential customers and other team members 🙂.

In the morning time, you would work on catching up with emails received overnight. You’ll be updating potential customers and sales reports. Then you will check the status of other team member’s work. You’ll prepare a report for Mike before lunch  covering the status of the customers, potential customers, and team members’ projects.

After lunch, Mike will give you feedback on the report, and together you’ll work to get responses and action items for customers, potential customers, and team members. Basically, you’ll work to make things happen.

So don’t be shy! Enjoy life and enjoy your work. We want you to work with us long-term, earn a salary, and also get paid a good bonus payment for getting new clients and sponsors. We use “Helpscout” so it is a good way for us to manage incoming emails.

Tools and Skills Needed

This is not a technical role, but you should be comfortable with Google docs (spreadsheets, documents, drawings), Slack for team communication, and other tools for project management. It is considered a plus if you can help do some graphics when our graphic designer is busy. This consists of simply changing the date or speaker on the poster using Photoshop. Basic website / WordPress skills is a plus too.

Hours of Work

Many of our team members operate on a part-time basis. We really want to have someone here who is full-time. We are based in China so it is in the same timezone as the Philippines. We suggest starting at 9:30 a.m. and ending about 5:30 p.m. Of course, we can be a bit flexible, and sometimes it may be better to do some of your hours in the evening. This position is active for 5 days a week, Mondays to Fridays.

If you are interested, we can consider having you travel to different cities to meet our GFA meetups. We plan to host team retreats as well, and would love to have you join us.

Please ask any questions you have about this job opportunity. The basic theme is an outgoing, positive person who enjoys talking to customers, team members, and enjoys working in a young and growing media company.

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