Chinese and English Text/Audio/Video Translator

Chinese and English Text/Audio/Video Translator


I’m Mike Michelini, an American business owner that has been operating in China for over 10 years now.

Chinese and English Text/Audio/Video Translator

Our company is Shadstone, an IT marketing agency. Currently, I am an American in China who is in need of a translator. I have a Chinese marketing team and a Chinese wife, but I don't want to bother them with my daily life tasks and admin support. By having someone here to assist me with these daily business and life tasks, I can work with them much more effectively.

I hope this person can be in Asia (HK timezone), but I am also willing to be flexible if the person is able to get the work done effectively.

So that I know you read this job post fully please put szjob in the beginning of your job post application letter, as I will pay close attention to those and prioritize the selection process based on that.

I will give you access to one of our company email addresses (you can choose QQ or Google business account depending on your location) and we will communicate by messages and WeChat and/or Skype.


As an overview, let’s run through one of the projects you’ll be handling. This is under Global From Asia (GFA) and ties into the podcasts we produce regularly.

We are working on having more Chinese language interviews on the show, but our audience is primarily English speaking. Therefore we want to have the interview to have:

  • English subtitles
  • Chinese subtitles
  • English voiceover

This task is to assist with the translation. Here is an overview of the steps included:

  1. Video draft and English transcript received from editorial team
  2. Transcribe the Chinese interview to text
  3. Translate the Chinese transcription to English
  4. Translate the English transcription to Chinese
  5. Put the English/Chinese name of the guests on the show
  6. Ensure it is all “lined up” and ready for video editor

This is just an example of one of the projects you’ll be handling.


  • Helping translate text messages and letters that we receive
  • Translating my blog posts to Chinese WordPress
  • Communicating to our chinese and international marketing team on our behalf
  • Checking Chinese websites

Hopefully as we build our work relationship there can be more tasks and challenges.

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