WordPress Page Builder Expert

WordPress Page Builder Expert


Do you enjoy working on and making websites? The relevant skills for a WordPress Page Builder Expert is simply taking normal content - such as text, photos, and other pieces of content - and placing them into WordPress sites.

We have video training and SOP tutorials for you to follow if you need more information. This is ongoing work where we will pay per project, based on the size of the site and the amount of pages and complexity of the project.

Tools and Experience Needed

We need you to have a decent internet connection. Please send us your internet speed report. Just so we know you read this job post, put poppyseed87 in the subject line of the application. If you don’t, we will skip your application entirely. Also, we prefer people who have experience working online or can prove to us they have good work conditions.

WordPress and basic HTML experience are a must.

Asana, Slack, Google docs, sheets, for teamwork.

Candidates must have an open mind and must always be willing to learn.

About the Company

Once the job descriptions are done (or if it was completed before you took the role), you will start the recruiting process. Depending on the job we are hiring for, we may post it on freelancer websites or on other websites that are more for full-time jobs.

After posting the job, you will start getting applicants. It may get overwhelming, but we need to keep on top of the applications and ensure that we filter out those who didn’t do complete “tests” (we put some questions in the job description). This will filter out those that didn’t read the job post details. If they fail to do so, we know they won’t be a good fit for us.

You will be the first line of contact with them and see if they are willing to go to the next stage.

The next stage will be Skype calls with the department they will be joining. You will follow up after the interviews and collect feedback from our team members. You’ll see whether the applicant has been accepted or not, and the reasons behind these decisions.

We may even have another round of interviews, depending on how critical the job is.

Big Picture of your Role

Once the hiring team has picked their top candidates, we need to make offers and see if we can get our top candidates. You will prepare these packages and deliver them to the candidates. Give them some time (but ask for a deadline) and give them some quiet time to think about our offer.

Despite this, you still need to follow up and confirm if they will accept the offer or not. If not, we go to our next best candidate.

If we don’t find any we like, we simply move on to more aggressive recruiting procedures.

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